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Romulus and Remus== Romulus and Remus were twin brothers who where looking for a new start. Romulus and Remus argued over what the city was going to be called, where it was going to be located and who gets the last cookie. Romulus wanted to found a city on the Palatine Hill; Remus preferred the Aventine Hill.[2] So instead of going to mommy and daddy for help, They agreed to select the site by divine augury, took up position on their respective hills and prepared a sacred space; signs were sent to each in the form of vultures, or eagles. Remus saw six; Romulus saw twelve, and claimed superior augury (foresight) as the basis of his right to decide. Remus thought this was stupid so he decided to fight his brother, who in the end Romulus ended up killing his brother and naming the city after him self.And then every one was like WTF a six year old has a city.